The Team

Dr. Nir Mandelker

Senior Lecturer, department of physics, Hebrew University Jerusalem.

My research addresses multiple aspects of the cosmic baryon cycle, galaxy evolution, and cosmology, combining analytical models, idealized simulations, and fully cosmological simulations. 

This is just a brief summary of my work. Take a look at  the research section  or email me at nir.mandelker -at- to discuss possible collaborations.

Zhiyuan Yao (postdoc)

My research interests are centered around galaxy evolution driven by AGN winds, the formation and evolution of cold gas clouds interacting with hot winds, cold gas accretion onto massive galaxies


Sharon Lapiner (postdoc)

Research focus: Structure and dynamics of high-redshift galaxies and the cosmic web. 

Han Aung (postdoc)

Research focus: Cosmology and Astrophysics with Dark Matter and Gaseous Halos

Zhaozhou Li (postdoc, joint with Avishai Dekel)

My research focuses on galactic dynamics and structure formation. I'm curious about how cosmic structures are shaped into their current state, the roles of baryonic feedback, mergers, and environmental effects, and what we can learn about the physical processes from observations, especially from a perspective of dynamics

Dhruba Dutta-Choudhouri (postdoc, joint with Avishai Dekel)

I work on a variety of topics broadly lying in the areas of dark matter physics, galaxy formation, and dynamics: Fuzzy Dark Matter, Dark Matter in Difficent Galaxies, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect.


Idan Lavi, PhD (joint with TAU)

Research focus: The HI content of the cosmic web, and self-shielding of small-scale shattered intergalacitc gas clouds

Moshe Levy, MSc

Research focus: formation of multiphase gas thrgough shattering instabilities 

Sagi Benavi (Undergraduate researcher)

Research focus: Lymal-alpha emission of the IGM


BSc, MSc, Phd

Interested in joining ? 

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Main Collaborators

Racach Institue of Physics

We work closely with other groups at HUJI, focusing on galaxy formation and evolution

Avishai Dekel

Leading world expert on cosmology and galaxy formation


Yuval Birnboim

Expert on galaxy formation and hydrodynamics


Yale Astronomy & Physics 

Our collaboration with Yale focuses on the study of gas accretion onto galaxies and the structure of the CGM and cosmic web, as well as two joint grants and a fruitful exchange of students and postdocs!

Frank van den Bosch

Expert on cosmology and galactic dynamics


Daisuke Nagai

Expert on cosmology and cosmological simulations


Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA)

Our collaboration with MPA focuses on cosmological simulations zooming in on the CGM and IGM, and idealized studies of multiphase gas in these regimes

Volker Springel

Leading world expert on Numerical Simulations and Cosmology, author of the Gadget and AREPO codes


Max Gronke

Expert on radiative transfer and multiphase gas dynamics 


UCSB Physics

Our collaboration with UCSB focuses on studies of the formation, evolution, and dynamics of multiphase gas in the CGM and IGM, with one joint grant

S Peng Oh

Expert on Multiphase gas dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, and cosmology


UCSC Astronomy & Physics

Our collaboration with UCSC focuses on high redshift galaxy evolution, using cosmological simulations and observations

Joel Primack

Expert on cosmology and galaxy evolution