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The VELA Simulation Suite
The VELA simulations are a suite of 35 zoom in cosmological simulations run by my colleague Daniel Ceverino, using the AMR code ART. The virial masses of these galaxies are between 10^{11} and 10^{12} solar masses at redshift z=1, and the maximal AMR resolution is between 17-35 physical pc at all times. Each set of initial conditions has been run three times: once with only thermal feedback from stellar winds and supernovae, once with additional radiative feedback from the UV light around young stars, and once with additional IR radiation pressure in optically thick regions. The simulations all include additional relevant physics for galaxy formation, including gas cooling, star formation and metal enrichment of the ISM.
Additional details can be found in Ceverino et al 2014 and Zolotov et al 2015.
Below is a link to an image gallery I created, showing all the galaxies in the VELA suite, as well as earlier simulations run with the same code. Each galaxy is shown in three orthogonal projections (one face on and two edge on), in several different box sizes and using several different tracers.
For additional details, please contact me at the e-mail address listed below.
Movies of the evolution of individual galaxies are also available upon request.
Link to the image gallery
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