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Nir Mandelker

Senior Lecturer, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Racah Institute of Physics

Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science
Jerusalem 91904, Israel

Tel: +972-2-6585512       E-mail:

********************************************************************************************************POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS in GALAXY FORMATION and COSMOLOGY

We expect to offer postdoctoral fellowships to start in the fall of 2022 (or earlier), 

potentially for three years. The cosmology group is looking especially for researchers 

working on the theory of the formation, evolution and dynamics of galaxies and large-scale

structure, the circumgalactic and intergalactic medium, and the dynamics of multiphase
gas, including hydro-gravitational simulations, semi-analytic  
modeling and analytic work, in

close contact with observations (e.g. by machine learning).

The cosmology group, led by Avishai Dekel and Nir Mandelker, involves 

Yuval Birnboim, Orly Gnat and Yehuda Hoffman. It is part of the Center for Astrophysics 

and Planetary Science within the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University, 

whose faculty members also include, Asaf Horesh, Tsvi Piran, Re'em Sari, Nir Shaviv 

and Nick Stone.  

Current postdocs working on galaxy formation at HU are Han Aung Zhaozhou Li, Karamveer Kaur and Kartick Sarkar. 

Recent postdocs still associated with the group include Daniel Ceverino,  Nicolas Cornuault, Colin DeGraf, Yakov Faerman, Jonathan Freundlich, Fangzhou Jiang, Sandro Tacchella, and Santi Roca-Fabrega. 


Overall we have 12 astrophysics postdocs this year, working mainly in cosmology 

and galaxies, high-energy astrophysics, and planetary systems.  There are currently 

18 astrophysics graduate students at our Center. 


We pursue extensive collaborations with other leading groups in Israel, in Europe, 

and in the US, and can consider joint arrangements.


Basic funding is available from research grants. Selected applicants may be asked 

to also apply to specific competitive prize fellowships to be hosted at HU.


Interested candidates are invited to send their application material by email to Mrs. 

Yulia Epstein by December 20, 2021


The material should include a curriculum vita, a list of publications, a brief summary 

of past, current and planned research, and three letters of recommendation to be 

sent directly by the referees.

Applicants are also asked to make an e-mail contact with Nir Mandelker at and Avishai Dekel at


Papers on ADS

Select Recent papers

Thermal Instabilities and Shattering in the High-Redshift WHIM: Convergence Criteria and Implications for Low-Metallicity Strong HI Absorbers  2021,

N. Mandelker, F. van den Bosch, V. Springel, F. van de Voort, J. Burchett, I. Butsky, D. Nagai, S. P. Oh

Lyman-alpha Blobs from Cold streams Undergoing Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities  2020,

N. Mandelker, F. van den Bosch, D. Nagai, A. Dekel, Y. Birnboim, H. Aung

Instability of Supersonic Cold Streams Feeding Galaxies - IV. Survival of Radiatively Cooling Streams  2020,  N. Mandelker, D. Nagai, H. Aung, A. Dekel, Y. Birnboim, F. van den Bosch

OVI Traces Photoionized Streams With Collisionally Ionized Boundaries in Cosmological Simulaions of z~1 Massive Galxies  2020,  C. Strawn, S. Roca-Fabrega, N. Mandelker, J. Primack, J. Stern, D. Ceverino, A. Dekel, B. Wang, R. Dange

Stellar Masses of Giant Clumps in CANDELS and Simulated Galaxies Using Machine Learning. 2020,  M. Huertas-Company, Y. Guo, O. Ginzburg, C. Lee, N. Mandelker, M. Maxwell, J. Primack, A. Dekel, D. Ceverino, S. M. Faber, D. Koo, A. Koekemoer, G. Snyder, M. Giavalisco, H. Zhang

Instability of Supersonic Cold Streams Feeding Galaxies - III. Kelvin Helmholtz Instability in Three Dimensions  2019,

N. Mandelker, D. Nagai, H. Aung, A. Dekel, D. Padnos, Y. Birnboim

Shattering of Cosmic Sheets due to Thermal Instabilities: A Formation Channel for Metal-Free Lyman Limit systems 2019, 

N. Mandelker, F. van den Bosch, V. Springel, F. van de Voort

Cosmological Simulations of the Circumgalactic Medium with 1 kpc Resolution: Enhanced HI Column Densities 2019,  F. van de Voort, V. Springel, N. Mandelker, F. van den Bosch, R. Pakmor

Cold Filamentary Accretion and the Formation of Metal-Poor Globular Clusters and Halo Stars. 2018,  N. Mandelker, P. van Dokkum, J. Brodie, F. van den Bosch, D. Ceverino

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